Cruisefire Sportwagenabenteuer



The team behind FAHRENGOLD is first and foremost one thing: enthusiastic about good automotive design. Whether old/youngtimer, sports car or hypercar. They are enthusiasts. Consequently, a FAHRENGOLD ultimately serves the purpose of skilfully and securely packaging and presenting the favorite piece. Based on the configurability of the car used in the automotive industry, the garages are also highly customizable. Each FAHRENGOLD becomes unique.

As a Cruisefire Drivers Lounge member you can have your very own FAHRENGOLD built and benefit from special conditions. Please have a look at the website for further details and contact us. We will then put you in contact with the FAHRENGOLD team.

Exclusive Cruisefire bonus for you:

Free choice of 5 special colors inside
(1.950 Euro net / 2.320,50 Euro gross)
Free choice of 3 special colors outside
(1.950 Euro net / 2.320,50 Euro gross)