Become part of unique events around the sports car, where the curve is the next destination. Your time out as Petrolhead starts now. Get at the wheel of your sports car and start the engine. You have a classic or modern sports car and love the special driving experience, then become part of the ultimate adventure.

During our sports car events we drive on the most impressive roads and drive to special places in various countries. We surprise at every event with priceless and unique highlights. Unleash the power of your sports car, take the wheel, leave the paths that have entered and accompany us on our journeys along the most beautiful roads in Europe. The Cruisefire journey has long since begun and you can become part of it. Whether it’s a sports car meeting or a sports car tour, you’ll experience a time you won’t forget so quickly.



The format for leasing & financing of premium, super & hyper cars.


Unique experiences, intense gasoline conversations and a network of unbridled passion are the connection to the asphalt and ensure that every meeting of sports car drivers and sports car enthusiasts is unique. Convince yourself and ignite your very own cruisefire.



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A unique community among like-minded people

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Leave everyday life behind, no appointments, no time pressure, no obligations. The Cruisefire Drivers Lounge is a place where sports car drivers can meet digitally for exchange and networking. You can also experience the unique advantages of our partners. Every Cruisefire Drivers Lounge member benefits from numerous benefits related to sports cars and the enthusiasm for them. Thanks to our extensive network in the areas of lifestyle, travel and automobiles, we are constantly expanding the variety of offers. Take a look at very special sports car offers, get all dates for our events before everyone else and get exclusive access to the Cruisefire Community.

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Cruisefire is the burning fire for sports car tours, sports car road trips, sports car meetings and motorsport.

The unique concept of Cruisefire is aimed at all owners of sports cars and supercars who share the great passion for the automobile, the fun of driving in a group or just the charm of the four wheels. Cruisefire enables its customers to enjoy unparalleled experiences by driving their vehicles through idyllic landscapes, exciting meetings or luxury gastronomic events in a limited and exclusive context. Our strength is to create events where participants share their passion for the world of the automobile in a completely safe, spontaneous, cheerful and friendly way. Each event is planned and organized down to the smallest detail to provide customers with a comprehensive experience. We take care of the locations, routes, catering, materials, direct contact with the customer and any other possible enquiries. The events take place mainly at international and local, exclusive locations, where the customer can perceive a considerable added value compared to the standard automotive events. We are professionals for sports car meetings, sports car rides, sports car tours and are part of a network of unbridled enthusiasm for the sports car.


Do you want to travel and have a break? What can we do for you? City trip or mountains? Or maybe you prefer the sea? With the sports car or without? No matter. We have arranged special Cruisefire rates for you with various 5 * Kempinski Hotels and the Small Luxury Hotels of the World organization. There are even discounts of up to 20% on various daily rates. Just because you drive a sports car, you don’t always have to want to pay the highest price. Take a look at the current offers.