Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH) is the world’s most coveted community of independent-minded travelers and independently spirited hotels. The 520 hotels in more than 90 countries are personally visited, reviewed and selected – each is against the crowd and are completely different. With an average of just 50 rooms, SLH hotels offer secluded, discreet options with the highest standards of luxury and well-being. From rustic fishing lodges and forest tree houses to rainforest retreats, alpine chalets and desert-style ranches, no two stays are alike in this distinctive collection.

Cruisefire and Small Luxury Hotels of the World have been working together very successfully for a variety of events for several years. Every now and then Small Luxury Hotels are visited during sports car tours all over Europe. Exclusively all drivers are always enthusiastic about the respective stays. That’s why we thought about offering you, as a Drivers Lounge member, the possibility to book overnight stays independently from Cruisefire events.



How does it work? It’s very simple, choose a hotel via the link below and write to us via the contact form. What information do we need from you? Only your travel date and the hotel. We have all other necessary data if your member profile is up to date. You will receive a call from us and we will do the rest.

Through us you travel as a VIP at Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Cruisefire as a travel agent has more possibilities than if you book alone. For example, we can get to dates that are already sold out, shorten longer stays, arrange upgrades (if available), special amenities or special requests (e.g. transfers, local flights and experiences).