Cruisefire’s unique concept is aimed to all owners of sports cars and super cars who share the great passion for the automobile, the fun of driving in a group or just the charm of the four wheels. Cruisefire offers its participants unparalleled experiences by driving their vehicles through idyllic landscapes, to exciting meetings or to luxurious gastronomic events in a restricted and exclusive context. Our strength is to create events in which the participants share their passion for the world of the automobile in a completely safe, spontaneous, cheerful and friendly way. Every event is planned and organized down to the smallest detail in order to offer customers a comprehensive experience. We take care of the locations, routes, catering, materials, direct contact with the customer and all other inquiries in advance. The events take place predominantly at international and local, exclusive locations, where the customer can perceive a considerable added value compared to the standard automobile events. We are professionals for sports car meetings, sports car trips and sports car tours. At our private and public events, we always act according to the motto: Only those who burn themselves can light fires at others.


My personal Cruisefire caught fire in a very special moment. At a moment when the adrenaline shot through my body and the world stood still for a moment. The sound of an accelerating V8 engine silenced all sounds in the area. It was a super sports car that was unparalleled at the time. The steering wheel firmly in hand and the foot still carefully on the pedal. Every thrust of gas made my fire burn brighter and brighter. My very own flame arose from passion, enthusiasm and absolute passion for sports cars, sports car tours and sports car meetings. Together with my gasoline in the blood, there is an absolutely explosive mixture – My Cruisefire. I try to put my enthusiasm in every detail of our events and products. Nevertheless, the focus is also on fun. Anyone who knows me knows that! There is also a child in every sports car owner who just wants to play. Our events are the playgrounds for adults, so to speak.