Cruisefire Sportwagenabenteuer


As a sports car enthusiast, you shouldn’t miss Concorso di Bavaria, the largest and most exclusive sports car gathering in Germany. Held annually in the Munich area, it offers the opportunity to admire the latest and most beautiful sports cars. But Concorso di Bavaria is more than just a car show. There are also exciting exhibitors with experts from the automotive industry and the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other sports car enthusiasts. Don’t miss the accompanying program, such as an exclusive gala lunch. If you share a passion for fast cars, you shouldn’t miss Concorso di Bavaria. You’ll be thrilled!

The Cruisefire sports car gathering is the perfect place for those who share a passion for fast cars. Here, the sports car enthusiast community meets to admire the latest models and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. But Cruisefire offers much more than just a car show. At the event, you can also get behind the wheel of a sports car and experience the power and driving pleasure firsthand. Whether you are a proud owner of a sports car or simply share a fascination for fast cars, Concorso di Bavaria has something for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the next Cruisefire sports car gathering and let the fascination of sports cars sweep you away.


The Concorso di Bavaria will start the next round in 2023. We are planning the opportunity for all sports car lovers to meet up with like-minded people in a Bavarian ambience with handpicked partners which make your day-experience unique. In the summer of 2023, a day full of passion awaits. Be curious. Information & date will follow soon.