We at Cruisefire are thrilled to be able to work with many great partners who share our passion for sports cars, sports car tours, sports car trips, sports car meetings and motorsports. Cruisefire is always interested in expanding existing partnerships, but also in establishing new contacts in various industries and finding opportunities for joint projects. Let’s get to know each other – we like to take the time to talk. To give you an impression of the diversity of our partnerships, we have compiled information about some of our partners below. Become part of our network and create something unique with us!

Ail Leasing - Cruisefire Partner


AIL Leasing & Finance are brand-independent and advise you on the realization of your car dream. The AIL experts offer you not only tailor-made financing solutions, but also an excellent personal service. In the in-house dream garage you will always find a large number of exclusive car brands and premium vehicles that suit you and your lifestyle. Cruisefire and AIL Leasing & Finance share the same passion for sports cars. Be excited about the partnership and have a look at AIL.


Rare sports cars that delight enthusiasts and collectors. For many years, PAMO has stood for the fascination for sports cars and exclusive vehicles. A personal, individual and honest advice is in the foreground in order to be able to offer the best possible service. Thanks to the international network, unusual vehicle requests can also be realized. All Pamo Performance vehicles have special features that appeal to sports car enthusiasts as well as collectors. The love for the special vehicle connects Cruisefire and PAMO very strongly. A shared passion that is the strong foundation of the close cooperation.

Pamo Cars - Cruisefire Partner
SSR Performance - Cruisefire Partner


SSR Performance stands for “Stefan Schlund Racing” and his philosophy of getting the best possible performance out of every vehicle and creating complete solutions for car enthusiasts. With the highest quality standards and extensive expertise, SSR Performance GmbH has specialized in the development, optimization and maintenance of individual vehicles for motorsport as well as automobiles for the road. Passion, precision and reliability play a major role in this. The same properties that are also of the highest priority at Cruisefire.


Under a traditional name, Kempinski, a hotelier since 1897, has travelled the world in search of fascinating destinations, without ever forgetting its traditions and European heritage. The spacious resorts as well as the stylish city and wellness hotels reflect an individual and unique character, especially for guests who appreciate 5-star service and luxury in their business or private trips. Cruisefire not only travels to various Kempinski hotels during various sports car tours, but also offers benefits and discounted rates.


After losing the 32-foot cigarette, they have to watch two world championships and three times the US championships. The Cigarette Racing team was launched. She won the boats in more than 350 offshore races and became a legend. Performance and lifestyle are new today. The genuine Powerboats with cult status lack comfort and luxury. They are real cigarette racers. Cruise and cigarette boats are by the control and perception on the water and the road with the individual connections.


Small Luxury Hotels of the World are the masters of small, independent luxury hotels in the world. To really enjoy a travel destination, you need the best tips from the most experienced luxury lovers. Find city hotels, spa resorts, beach resorts, modern design hotels or even entire islands. Cruisefire works with SLH for events and sports car tours. The collaboration and partnership extends beyond events. Cruisefire members can book hotels worldwide at discounted rates. Feel free to contact us to book a great boutique hotel.


For MBT Sportcars, driving means “freedom”, “passion” and “joie de vivre”! These terms have brought us together. Cruisefire and MBT Sportcars combine exactly these properties. This has resulted in fruitful cooperation that can last several years. Feel free to take a look at the MBT Sportcars range of sports cars, classic cars and special cars, which have been put together with enthusiasm and care and which bring that certain something onto the road. Visit MBT Sportcars and become a lover yourself.


The DREAM ICON magazine sees itself as your holistic source of inspiration for particularly selected topics from the fields of automotive, travel, art, enjoyment and sophisticated lifestyle. DREAM ICON stages the best of these theme worlds in unique journalistic and aesthetic quality. Exciting portraits and interviews with extraordinary people give discerning readers an exclusive insight. Cruisefire and DREAM ICON are discovering new travel destinations and unique hideaways that invite you to dream and at the same time guarantee exceptional automotive experiences. It’s worth reading.

Dream Icon - Partner Cruisefire


FAHRENGOLD designs and builds the car room of the future. From vintage car to electric vehicle, FAHRENGOLD garages are the perfect space for your car both outdoors and indoors. An object for car and design lovers. Consequently, a FAHRENGOLD ultimately serves to skillfully and safely pack and present the favorite item. Based on the configurability of the car used in the automotive industry, the garages are also highly customizable. Every FAHRENGOLD becomes unique. The enthusiasm for sports cars is the basis for the collaboration between Cruisefire and FAHRENGOLD.


No matter whether sea, air or land mile, this new format is about experiencing the MYLE in the most beautiful, fastest and most exciting way. In three days, Munich will transform into the Mecca of all mobility enthusiasts. Experience supercars, bikes, boats and future mobility at a festival where dreams come true. Cruisefire is the festival’s exclusive partner and supporter! Be excited. Experience MYLE – Munich’s Mobility Festival.

Myle Festival - Partner Cruisefire


Exclusive events combine Cruisefire and Sparkling Munich. Sparkling Munich organizes exclusive events in hotels and was launched in 2015 by the now legendary HotelBARhopping. Meanwhile three varied event series guarantee unforgettable evenings in the most exclusive hotels in Munich. A good bar is like an interesting person. It has its own character. That’s why Sparkling Munich invites you every now and then to first-class hotel BARs in the city.


Caradvance has been a fixture in the automotive industry since 2003. As a service provider in the field of industrial vehicle benchmarks and competition analysis, the core competence lies in the procurement of test and comparison vehicles for automobile manufacturers and suppliers, as well as engineering offices and agencies worldwide. The competent team of specialists in the segment of third-party vehicles is always available. Professionalism and individuality not only characterize Caradvance’s daily work. But also from Cruisefire. For this reason, we work closely and passionately.


Edition ONE-OFF creates something that is more than just a photo of a vehicle. ONE-OFF stands for high-end photography in HD and from an unprecedented perspective: from above! ONE-OFF goes one step further and now offers a completely unique art form that has never been seen before. Cruisefire and Edition ONE OFF share the love of detail and enthusiasm for the sports and super sports car.