09. OCTOBER. 2022

On October 9, 2022, it was time again. The sports car meet in Germany. We started the next edition of Concorso di Bavaria. Experience pure emotion at the Concorso di Bavaria sports car meet in Munich. In 2022, it took place at Motorworld Munich and the private jet airport, offering breathtaking exhibitors. The sports car meet is limited to 100 sports cars and hypercars, making it a real highlight for all car enthusiasts. We were thrilled with the variety of participating vehicles and couldn’t keep our eyes off the latest models and exotic classics. The atmosphere was simply indescribable and we felt like we were in heaven. The limited number of participants made the meet extremely exclusive and all participants were able to admire the beauty of the cars in peace and have interesting conversations with like-minded people. Concorso di Bavaria gave us unforgettable memories and we can’t wait to organize it again next year. Be surprised.

Cruisefire Sportwagentreffen Concorso di Bavaria