08. - 10. SEPTEMBER 2017

Cruisefire Alpine Passes 2017 – An unique sports car tour to Lake Como from sunny skies to heavy rain to snow. With Kempinski Hotels in Munich and St. Moritz, an extraordinary sports car event was created. We started in Munich and made our way to the Alps as fast as possible, via the Stelvio Pass towards St. Moritz. It was bright sunshine and we enjoyed the eternal mountains with their extraordinary panoramas. The next day we were surprised with heavy rain in the Swiss Alps. Nevertheless, we fought our way through the Big Five of Switzerland. Grimsel, Susten, Albula were completely enveloped in fog. After a gourmet evening in St. Moritz, we couldn’t believe it, snow in September! Some participants were on slicks. The passes to Italy and our next destination, the Villa d’Este were completely snowed in and only allowed with snow chains. Unfortunately, our participants with Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and Co just happened to have no snow chains with them. That’s why we unanimously decided not to continue the sports car tour to Italy. Despite the tour being cancelled, this sports car outing was a unique experience from the start. That was Cruisefire Alpine Passes 2017.

Cruisefire Sportwagentour Alpine Passes 2017