10. - 14. JULY 2019

The Cruisefire Summer Drive 2019 was an unforgettable experience for all those who participated. From July 10th to 14th, we drove our sports cars through the breathtaking landscapes of the Alps and Dolomites. The tour started with a spectacular start in Lech and led us to a private Rolls-Royce museum, where we were given exclusive insights. We then continued on spectacular mountain passes and through numerous turns and twists. The view of the Dolomites was indescribably beautiful.

In addition to driving the sports cars, we also had the opportunity to fly through the Alps with helicopters and glide over the crystal clear Lake Wörthersee with motorboats. We mastered challenging turns in breathtaking landscapes and were part of a unique experience.

The Cruisefire Summer Drive 2019 remains in memory as an unforgettable highlight for all petrolheads who participated. It was a sports car tour of the superlative, like never before.

Cruisefire Sportwagentour Italien Summer Drive 2019