Are you a Petrolhead and looking for the next opportunity to meet new sports car lovers or to have an unforgettable time with your car enthusiast friends? Then you are exactly right here! Become a part of an ultimate sports car event and a real adventure. The steering wheel firmly in your hand and the foot on the gas pedal accelerator. Start the engine, hear the sound of your sports car and slowly step on the gas! Feel the power of gear shift each course! The torque pushes you into the seat. You become one with the machine. This is the moment of your own Cruisefire. It ignites at our sports car meeting Concorso di Bavaria, on our sports car tours or on our individual trips, the individual drives. It’s your choice!


The largest sports car meeting in southern Germany. Concorso di Bavaria is the passion for super cars and sports cars. It originated from the very successful Cars & Coffee Bavaria and was founded to organize sports car meetings that bring people with the same enthusiasm for the automobile together.


Is there anything more breathtaking than driving the most beautiful streets in Europe in a group of sports car enthusiasts? No matter whether alpine passes or wine routes in Tuscany. A sports car tour with Cruisefire is always unique. Convince yourself and be there!


Experience the excitement of sports cars and supercars on the race track. Together with the SSR Performance team, we experience motorsport in the GT3 series of the ADAC GT Masters up close. As a sponsor, we are present at every race and support the mission “title defense”.


Do you love to drive alone, just to go on a trip with your wife or to be privately with friends and acquaintances? Then our Individual Drives are just the thing for you! Take a look at the programs and enjoy the tranquility of everyday life on the selected panoramic streets!