07. – 09. APRIL


An eventful, exciting and exclusive tour through Germany, Austria and Italy. Our final goal was Brescia, not only to be there as a spectator, but also to participate directly in the famous and unique Cars & Coffee. A trip through 3 different countries. It was not the curve on this tour that was the most beautiful connection between two points, but the straight line. We drove adrenaline loaded on the fastest way south. Not only did we enjoy the amenities of exclusive hotels, we also experienced the Ferrari myth at its origin. A whole weekend full of Italian flair. The official greeting took place at a typical white sausage breakfast in the Hotel Kempinski four seasons Munich. We buckled up, started the engines and shifted gears to experience three days full of automotive highlights. On the first day, the direct route through the Alps was the best way to quickly reach our destination and slow down with a wellness afternoon in the 1000sqm spa in the Falkensteiner Hotel and Spa Falkensteinerhof. After absolute relaxation, we saw each other again in the evening to exchange the experiences of the day at a 4-course dinner. The second day was all about Ferrari. We followed the Italian highway towards the Mecca of the sports car, the origin, the place where Enzo Ferrari decided to build sports cars – Maranello. After a typical Italian lunch, we followed in the footsteps of the black stallion on a yellow background. In the Ferrari Museum we were able to admire and experience the history of Scuderia to this day. A very special day was waiting for us on Sunday. The last stage of the Cruisefire Italian Drive included a PS spectacle. Nowhere else is there such a concentration of super sports cars as here. Our goal was the breathtaking and famous Cars & Coffee in Brescia. Only a very limited quota ticket is issued every year. Often only the viewer status remains. But as part of the Cruisefire Italian Drive, we were VIP participants at Cars & Coffee in Brescia. Everyone was part of the breathtaking atmosphere experienced the most spectacular sports cars in the world

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